genre productions is

genre productions is a small independent production company based austin texas. music videos, short films, party & event photography have been the basis for genre - the work produced breaks the barrier of any stereotype. our style has become imfamous and the loyality from people of change have helped make our website was it is today. good friends and amazing locations have helped this company become a trusting and reliable source of modern art.

our creative services include: party promotion, event/party photography, promotional photography, music video production, commercial production, short films and adverts.

services available. email: for list of services.

watch "SUBLET" a new film produced by mitchell reinitz/michael caputo and directed by christopher nunez (duke productions)



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COPYRIGHT/LEGAL productions owns the copyright to all of the photos seen on this website. visitors may use their pictures for their own personal use and may not duplicate or render the image in any way. the watermark "" on our photos are there for promotional purposes only. if your band/business is interested in owning photos from this website please contact


ADVERTISING's popularity has grown since its opening in late 2005. our events have reached a different brand of publicity. there is not one 'type' of outwithme event or preference. the purpose of the website is to bring all genres together into one. photos bring us all together.

we've been noticed. new york city and texas alike. outwithme hosts an estimated 50,000 hits a month and continues to grow daily. see our services.